Anonymous asked:

This doesn't have anything to do with your amazing stories, but I wanted to say thank you for answering some of my questions! I suffer from major social anxiety (hense to the anon) and when you answer my questions and other people like them/reblog, it makes me really happy! I'm not expecting a response to this, I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you responded to my past questions. It has seriously helped my confidence!! Thank you☺️☺️

thefastlanefanfic answered:

You’re so welcome! I’m so glad I could help you in just a little way!! I know you said you’re on anon because of the anxiety but I’m more likely to reply to those who write me off anon :P Hope you’re having a good week! 


"Regret is a sign of weakness. Oh, and girls have cooties."

  • Interviewer: Ever gotten lucky on a beach?
  • Mikey: I found a $20 bill once.
  • Interviewer: Would you ever rock a Speedo?
  • Mikey: If someone put a shotgun to my head.
  • Interviewer: Ever have a regrettable summer hookup?
  • Mikey: Regret is a sign of weakness. Oh, and girls have cooties.
  • Interviewer: What’s your favourite ice-cream truck song?
  • Mikey: The Godfather theme. Yes, in Jersey, many an ice-cream truck played the Godfather theme.
  • Interviewer: How do you keep your makeup from running onstage when you get sweaty?
  • Mikey: I don’t. At the show we played tonight, eyeliner and sweat streamed into my eye and I was partially blinded.
  • Interviewer: Ever do socks with sandals?
  • Mikey: You wouldn’t catch my cold dead body with sandals on.
  • Interviewer: Is there a body part you hide during the summer?
  • Mikey: All of them.